Website is Up

Website is Up

The new ASON AltScript website is up and running.

It’s running on a Digital Ocean shared virtual server. If you experience any problems, please post a comment to let me know.




Hello Carl. Just wondering how, if any further details await us about the inception of ASON Altscript. Will there be any relationship to iBoxDB ASON? Looks like they went the java C# way and the Array Script Object Notations look more in line with Rebol-DOM.r Dialect Object Model Var variables. (just plugin in my script advoes!). Same functional direction I’m going with, but hopefully with ASON Altscript DB and html5 file/streams in the browser written in Rebol of course. Hopefully the Rebol-DOM.r will just become a DSL functions api on top of ASON and work with R2/3 and RED. Then my brain itch might be somewhat scratched.

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