ASON AltScript Roadmap

ASON AltScript Roadmap

This is an approximate roadmap for the direction of ASON and AltScript.

Near term projects:

  • ASON — A standard C and C++ libraries for the ASON text-to-memory parser and the memory-to-text formatter.
  • ASON-micro — A minimal footprint C library for small devices. Does not include the high-speed memory manager nor formatter.
  • ASON-binary — A library that converts to and from a binary form of ASON. Better for lean embedded systems where memory size matters.
  • AltScript — A high-performance interpreter for ASON code including standard functions for all datatypes, support for network connections, file I/O, encryption, compression, and more.

Long term projects:

  • AltBase — A small, super-fast non-SQL database implemented in AltScript.
  • AltOS — A new OS concept. All configuration and control files, logs, IPC/RPC, command shell, and applications are implemented in ASON and can use AltScript execution and AltBase storage. Applications written in C, C++, and other languages also supported.



Sounds good.

François Jouen

Hi Carl, nice to see a new amazing project.


I had heard that you were working on something new. Glad to see that it is coming to light! I’m very excited to see where this will lead. AltOS sounds particularly intriguing!


    Hi Bo, it’s fun to watch how the word spreads. I didn’t even think this site was getting SE indexed yet.


Interesting … waiting for more info or binaries 🙂

Giuseppe Chillemi

It’s great!
I admit the only think I don’t like is array starting at zero but while Rebol target was humans, AltScript target is coders, so I have explained to myself this could be the reason.

Go Carl, go! I hope all the best for your!


    Thanks Giuseppe. Yes, zero indexing was a hard one for me to accept, but you guessed the correct reason.


Hey Carl, i just saw this for the first time and…
WOW. Good ideas all around. I’ve posted a
script i had for years, Rebol-DOM, with the
mdl-parser and believe it or not, i was attempting
to do some things very close to Ason in Rebol.
I’m not the best at programing but i put a lot
of time and thought in getting to the place you
are at now. So since my code may be compatable
to Altscript and Ason, i believe i know what to do
next. Make a new C Rebol Ason = Creation.


    Hi Danny, cool to hear about it, and I like your combination of words!


I’m currently designing a product/application based on JSON where ASON can excel. The benefits of your innovative technologies provide developers like me an efishantsea to compete with otherwise reverse-Moore’s Law, bloated software products.


    Hi Steve, great to hear from you again, and I agree!

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