ASON AltScript Roadmap

ASON AltScript Roadmap

This is an approximate roadmap for the direction of ASON and AltScript.

Near term projects:

  • ASON — A standard C and C++ libraries for the ASON text-to-memory parser and the memory-to-text formatter.
  • ASON-micro — A minimal footprint C library for small devices. Does not include the high-speed memory manager nor formatter.
  • ASON-binary — A library that converts to and from a binary form of ASON. Better for lean embedded systems where memory size matters.
  • AltScript — A high-performance interpreter for ASON code including standard functions for all datatypes, support for network connections, file I/O, encryption, compression, and more.

Long term projects:

  • AltBase — A small, super-fast non-SQL database implemented in AltScript.
  • AltOS — A new OS concept. All configuration and control files, logs, IPC/RPC, command shell, and applications are implemented in ASON and can use AltScript execution and AltBase storage. Applications written in C, C++, and other languages also supported.



Sounds good.

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